Femtometer (abbr: fm): a unit suitable to express the size of atomic nuclei. One quadrillionth (10 to minus 15) of a meter.


Femtosecond: is one quadrillionth of a second, and is to a second what a second is to 32,700,000 years. At 186,000 miles per second, in one femtosecond light travels only far enough to traverse about 1,000 silicon atoms.


Femtotechnology: the art of manipulating materials on the scale of elementary particles (leptons, hadrons, and quarks). The next step smaller after picotechnology, which is the next step smaller after nanotechnology.


Fractal: A mathematical construct that has a fractional dimension.


Fractal Mechatronic Universal Assembler: (or Fractal Assembler) is a machine that is capable of assembling any chemical from a generic description of the properties required of the chemical. The machine comprises of test tube arrays and software linked to robotic cubes and sensor arrays to implement automated mixing and testing to conduct materials research activity.


Fullerenes: Fullerenes are a molecular form of pure carbon discovered in 1985. They are cage-like structures of carbon atoms, the most abundant form produced is buckminsterfullerene (C60), with 60 carbon atoms arranged in a spherical structure. There are larger fullerenes containing from 70 to 500 carbon atoms.